Our professional team of experts are experienced in the field of
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Access and environmental controls
Our experienced team will ensure you to get the right solution from the beginning through the following
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Site selection surveys
  • Energy efficiency Audits
  • Project Management
  • Tier Evaluation
  • Thermal audits

ALD Care

We offer Annual maintenance packages, the ALD care is tailored to suit all your Data center requirements.
  • Project Management
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Site supervision
  • Installation Services
  • Data center solutions

UPS Solution

IT loads tend to change and growth is inevitable, we specialize in understanding this transformation and designing systems that can deliver optimal performance with reasonable cost.  we support All APC UPS Ranges
  • Entry level back up UPS
  • Network and server UPS
  • Data center UPS

Cooling Solution and Air Distribution :

Keeping your data center cool is as important as keeping cool in business We specialize in installing and maintaining a conducive environment for your data center.
May it be ceiling panels or ducted, we specialize in maintaining all APC, hot and cold isle containment. We are also skilled in the maintenance and installations of  heat rejecters

Infrastructure solutions

Cable management and in-rack assembly ensures the server has a free flow of air, which is vital for operations. We possess the expertise in designing or auditing your rack and accessory options. our aim is to meet your requirements with the perfect solution.

Fire Solutions and Generator Solutions

Fire Solutions:

Not only do we provide a broad range of fire protection solutions, we also are invested in finding the right fit for your data center. We understand the importance of critical environments and prioritize business continuity above all.

Generators Solution:

We believe in continuous maintenance especially when it comes to generators , the on-site power needs to be in check in order for it to be reliable source of energy.

Environmental Monitoring Solution

Today data is everything,  we Understand the complexity of securing data. various types of   Monitoring Systems are available in the market, from APC which is an integral part of the overall Building Management System (BMS) to stand-alone single U rack mountable units. We value design and the operational practicality of our solutions, which also involves in setting up a secure and highly effective data center.

Data Center Activities

Aldebaran Technical services based in Dubai provides cost effective services through our experienced team of staff who had worked in the data center service industry for more than a decade in providing the right solution to all challenging issues that arose from time to time in the data centers.

A Secure Data Center

Today data is everything and we understand the complexity of establishing a secure environment for managing and housing data.

we are vested in finding the right fit for your data center. We understand the importance of critical environments and prioritize business continuity above all.