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Our manpower is trained, certified and experienced with internationally approved processes and products. Our team of skilled applicators are well versed with major brands of chemicals not only with theoretical knowledge but with over 10 years of practical application experience. Our equipment ensures the best outcomes for the process and does not compromise on quality at any point. Our solutions are aimed at sustainability and quality, addressing pain points at every stage of the process.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy floor coating is resilient and seals your floor, bringing safety and beauty to any well-trafficked area.

Epoxy floor coatings are known for their hardness, durability and impact resistance. These characteristics make epoxy coatings ideal for heavy-duty applications such as industrial facilities, warehouses, logistic centres and other areas that may be subjected to heavy forklift traffic. Epoxy is also known for its resistance to chemical products, such as bleach, oils, greases, cleaners, etc. This chemical resistance makes them a popular choice in the industry..

Epoxy Self Levelling

This makes epoxy floors suitable for heavy use and mechanical loads, such as forklift traffic in warehouses, workshops and production areas.


Self-levelling epoxy flooring can be used in several
applications, including commercial, industrial, and residential applications.
We recommend our self-levelling epoxy flooring for various industries and
buildings, including in Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Commercial
Garages, Commercial Kitchens, Hospitals and Aircraft Hangars.


Epoxy Screed WORK

When applied on concrete surface, it gives a high strength flooring & tank lining, capable to withstand extremely high loading, wear and chemical resistance.



Screeding is levelling and smoothing the top layer of a material that is poured, such as high solid epoxy, so the material is the same height as the forms or guides surrounding it. This can be commonly used on uneven surfaces to make it even. When applied on a concrete surface, it gives high strength epoxy screed flooring, capable of withstanding extremely high loading, wear & chemicals resistance. Screeding is usually done on floors where time is a significant constraint and cement repair is impossible. 


Floor Crack Repairs

Concrete is highly durable, but it still has a finite lifespan. There are many environmental factors that can contribute to concrete degradation, but they all lead to the same need for repairs. 



The primary function of an epoxy crack injection is to restore the structural integrity of concrete to pre-cracked conditions. One of the most common repair solutions for cracked concrete is epoxy crack injection. This is used to repair cracks in concrete structures with a width ranging between .002” up to 3/8’. There are no pre-determine formulations for epoxy resin for varying widths by rule.

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